Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas !!

What a wonderful Christmas it was. I know I say this every year but I am so blessed to be a part of the family that I am in. My in laws are so good at making holidays so special for everyone. This Christmas was no exception. Christmas eve we all went to church. It was a Christmas miracle I tell ya. My three children all sat very well through a ENTIRE service.

The service as pretty captivating. The talent at the church I go too never ceases to amaze me.


 And the message was incredible. God is so Good friends.

After church we had Christmas eve dinner at my in laws. PRIME rib people !!
How lucky am I. ??

It was delicious. The girls opened their traditional Christmas eve presents. PJ'S :). I used to do matching ones. But not so much any more.It seems that stores never have the right sizes for everyone.

The girls changed into their new PJ'S and we headed home.

I stayed up wrapping and Will stayed up cheering me on.

And drinking beer.

Hes good like that.

This morning at 7 am it was Christmas. Wrapping paper was flying and cameras were flashing. The girls ere really happy this year with their presents. The high lights were pillow pets and new bikes.

Then we headed back to Grandmas house for more amazing food and fellowship.

The day was amazing.

But I missed my Mom. She is in Wisconsin this Christmas.

So Mom. Enjoy the pics :)