Thursday, June 30, 2011

The last few days as the baby

I really thought she was going to be the last one.
After all , I have been having babies since I was 17 years old.
But God has a sense of humor I guess. And thought I needed one more.
It was not planned. But so few good things in life are.
I am days/weeks ( depending on who you ask) away from delivering our baby.
A baby BOY !
In the mean time it's bitter sweet with Myka. She is growing up. So not the baby anymore.
But a little part of me is sad to see her not be the baby anymore.

I had a crazy dream last night that I delivered the baby. By myself ,in my bed , while I was sleeping !
The night before I had a dream that someone knocked on our door at 3 am and he was driving a u-haul truck. 
Then all of the sudden there was a block party and my husband was beating the neighbor up.

I have no idea folks.
Crazyness invades my mind while I sleep.
As long as anxiety stays away I am good. I tend to get very anxious towards the end of my pregnancies.
Probably from lack of sleep ( i swear i sleep better with a new born baby then I do while pregnant) . When I was in labor with Myka I had awful panic attacks the whole time. I am praying that God gives me peace this time.God will. Because he is faithful . 

Off to go cuddle my baby big girl.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Going to blog sugar

  HI !
I'm Lauren.
I am going to blog sugar !!
I am excited to go to California.
Excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers. And hang out with people who "get" me and my obsession with blogging. 
and this picture is like 5 years old. but I look skinny in it so I am going with it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday coffee

Good afternoon. Anytime is a good time for coffee right ? If we really met for coffee I would expect you to gush about my lovely new space on the web !! Thanks to the talented Heather !! Check her out at life made lovely. I am so excited to have a pretty new place on the web to be real. I have a photography business and I ADORE blogging at laurenjean photography. But I really wanted a place  could share my heart at. Not that I can separate my heart from my art. But over here at Snot on my wedding dress I want to talk about ALL the things I am passionate about. Like my faith. my kids, my marriage, making a blended family work. Of course I will post lots of pictures too.

But now lets have some coffee.

 If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am REALLY frustrated with my almost 11 year old daughter recently. My mom always said you trade in one set of issues for another when it comes to raising kids. I think I am understanding that more and more. I want to be supportive of her and this time in her life. I know she is growing, changing, starting to become the person God has intended her to be. I know that's hard. I remember. I remember how BIG each and every problem I had was. I remember feeling like my mom never understood me. Like my friends were my family because they "got me".

But I want to be the one who "gets" her. But at the same time I know I can't be her friend and then her parent in this season. I have to be the parent first. The mean mom who makes her do her chores. The uncool mom who sets bedtimes in the summer and won't let her have a cell phone. The mom who only allows her one soda a day will not tolerate door slamming and back talk. Even if " every one else acts like this".

No sir. That will not be me.

But its hard. And it leads to frustrating words being said, and people feeling yucky.

So today at coffee you would see me at my desk working while Myka is at preschool. With my coffee sitting on top of the apology letter she wrote to me last night. It says I am sorry for being a brat. Her handwriting is normally much neater. I know she scribbled this in a desperate attempt to earn her privileges back.

But I am keeping it.
As a reminder, that one day she will be my best friend.
and I'm sorry notes will not be necessary.
And despite the hard stuff, having a daughter who is becoming a young adult is pretty awesome.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today was fantastic.
we made it to church on time and no one cried about going.
We had Mexican food for lunch and I swear I actually enjoyed myself.
Dining out with kids that rarely happens.
I came home and got some work done.
Will decided to speak my love language and of all the laundry.
So hot!
After I worked some I made myself sit and watch a movie with my girls.
No iPad, no laptop, no phone.
Just us and Netflix.
I even let them pick the movie.
Home alone 3.
it was pretty cute.
I would like to tell you that I stayed awake through the thing.
But that would be a lie. I can't stay awake these days.
Unless it's night time. Then I can't fall asleep.
Hopefully tonight will bring rest.
I am off to watch a few episodes of 30 rock and then hopefully sleep will follow.
Good night.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Virtual coffee


Happy Tuesday! It is very early on Tuesday for me. As in 12:05 am as i type this. I am awake because I need my ipad to charge enough so I can watch Roseanne on Netflix without waking up my poor husband.

Yup, I said it.
Roseanne on Netflix.

I am already dreaming about that first cup of coffee in the morning and sitting down and catching up on all my favorite blogs. If we were really meeting for coffee I would probably also throw in the fact  that I am having contractions tonight. In fact they may be strong enough that if I lived closer to the hospital I may go in and get checked. But I live far from the hospital. And my husband has very little time to take off work. SO I would hate for him to be tired in the morning. And I have a photo shoot in the morning.

These are all the reasons that I can not afford a false labor scare tonight. So I will take a hot bath, drink some water, watch Roseanne and hope things calm down. If not....

I guess I will be blogging from the hospital !!

So If you really met me for coffee this morning I would have big puffy eyes from not sleeping and have a camera in my hand for my early morning photo session.

But I will still be nice, I promise !

My coffee this morning iced and to go !

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Testing this apptestTest

Friday, June 17, 2011

Instafun Friday

I have not blogged on this blog in months. I was convinced I wanted to merge my photography blog and my personal blog into one. But Now I have decided its better to keep them separate. I LOVE the idea of two different types of blogging. I like my laurenjean photography blog because everything I post there is pretty and  related to what I do for a living. But i feel like when a bride is looking for a wedding photographer she does not want to see pictures of the fancy rainbow cake I made my husband on his birthday. She wants to see beauty. perfection, and love.

Not that my rainbow cake was not all those things, but you get the picture. My real life, my plain old Lauren life is messy. Its full of  pregnancy hormones and kids fighting, drinking wayyy to much diet coke and not doing enough laundry. Its also full of less then professional cell phone pictures of our day to day lives. And I desperately want to remember these days. So I am back to this blog. The name will be changing and the look. But here I am.

The real me. The real us. And to kick things off I have hooked up with life Rearranged for insta Friday. Here are some of the highlights of our week via my ipad.

Love waking up to this face
Lexi after she got her jaw expander taken out. Changed her whole smile. So grown up.

We broke out the shaving cream on our first 108 degree day
Love him
More shaving cream mess

Miss Ashlynn. She only played for about 5 minutes before she said it was to hot and came In.
Click on the pic to see how you can help end human trafficking

getting soap in your eyes sucks.

life rearranged