Monday, April 30, 2012


Happy Monday ! So, Random thoughts running around my head. I really like this show. It makes me laugh out loud, like every week.

I finally caved a few months ago and ordered a cute planner from Erin Condren. Then I lost it when we moved. SO I reordered one a few weeks ago and it should be here tomorrow. I am seriously excited for the cute.

I was at target the other day and I saw a new mommy changing her newborns diaper in the bathroom. I cooed and told her how adorable her little girl was ( and she was). I thought about my little guy and how much I love him and how big he is growing. But even though he is my last little baby, I am so ok with it. Dont get me wrong I am drinking in every moment of his sweet babyness. I love the way his head smells after a bath, the way he says Dada. How happy his feet make him. But I am also so excited for the next phase of our family life. I am even kicking around the idea of home schooling. We shall see how that goes. Thats a topic for another post.

 It rained last week. It was heavenly. It never rains in the desert. Cloudy days make me feel alive.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Just a few things... I love dressing a little boy.
Myka was there, but not in a picture taking mood.
Lexi and Ashlynn are amazing big sisters.

He is risen! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter. Filled with family, food, and fun. I pray you all know love, Grace and God who accepts you just as you are. There is no pre requisite for his love. He loves you because you are you!!

That is good news!!