My Story

In 1994 I told a boy in 7th grade I liked his shirt. It said JESUS on it. At the end of 8th grade I gave that same boy my phone number in his yearbook and he called me that night! We talked on the phone for 12 hours straight. We became the best of friends. We made a vow that if we were single at 80 we would marry each other. We were in the same high school youth group, and went to summer camp together for three years. Now we are married for real, and are due any day with our second baby a little boy !! Sounds like a perfect little love story, huh ? 

A few months before my wedding,  I was trying on my wedding dress.  I looked in the mirror and was so happy with what I saw, I looked beautiful. Like a princess, every detail of the dress was perfect. Except one thing. what was that yellow thing on the bottom of the dress?  I looked closer and was horrified when i realized what it was!



And then i looked down to the corner of the dressing room at the culprit. My three year old daughter was busily wiping her nose with her hand and calming down from the fit she had been throwing earlier. Somehow in the course of all this snot had landed on my wedding dress.

It was then i realized that this idea of blending a family would be far from perfect. Despite the perfect love story and second chances God gives us.

If you want to read the whole love story click here.

I knew we were in for the ride of our lives.
This blog will document that ride. Oh, as well as things I like, pretty pictures, and maybe a few recipes if I ever learn how to cook.

And now for my typical about me response. I love Jesus, my family and my Nikon. I am blessed to be a full time work at home mommy to three almost four kiddos. I am a professional wedding and family photographer based in Phoenix , Arizona.

No the not so typical. I hate Arizona. I am a Midwest girl at heart. I am desperately trying to boom into the woman I know God created me to be in the desert. But it's hard.

I like sushi, blogging, diet coke, red wine, white wine, heck any kind of wine. I am glad you are here. Remember no one hates comments!!