Thursday, January 20, 2011

I feel icky

I feel bad even writing this post. But i have to talk to someone. This pregnancy is kicking my butt folks. I am nauseous , crabby, tired, over emotional. Everything every one does seems to bother me. Like I was ready to punch the couple in the movie theatre siting next to us the other night.

They would not stop making out .

And it made a slurping sound.

There may have been a time that I thought that was s weet. I may have even kissed my husband right on the lips.

But these days I just wanted to dump my Coke on their teenage heads.


We are moving ! To a much wanted bigger house. I am so excited.

I will no longer be on Robin. That means I will need a new blog name. Any ideas ?

Friday, January 7, 2011

The stooby hat

Myka loves her stobby hat.

Myka just spilled Ice cream on my bed.

I am not really even sure where the ice cream came from.

Its a good thing she looks so cute in her stobby hat


BTW blog friends. I am pregant !!

With child.

Knocked up.

Another little Mitchell is due around July 27th 2011.