Thursday, October 27, 2011

guess who got an iphone ???

I apologize in advance.
I may have gone a tad nuts this week :)

please ignore my mess and look at my cute baby instead mkay :)

things to note
we had some awesome clouds this week.
Funfetti whoopie pies were gross
and my baby is soooo cute !!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a cloudy day

Today was cloudy and I loved it.

Every time we have weather that is even slightly cool Myka says its going to snow. She has only ever even seen snow once. And that was two years ago.

Today she announced it was going to snow. It didn't. But it was cooler and that was nice. 

Have been reading shannans letting go series? If not you need too now. Every post has helped me grow. I love her honesty and openness. Her ability to bring a blog post so full circle is incredible. This series has made me want to let go of a lot of things in my life. I think I may start one tomorrow. Its a small thing. But it takes up a big  place in my mind. I think I need a break from it. I am a bit embarrassed to say what it is. But I can't leave you hanging, and ever since blog sugar I have decided to be open and honest and real here on my little space of the internet.

so, I am letting go of Diet Coke.

I know silly right, But honestly drinking DC is part of who I am. As long as I can remember I have had a diet coke in my hand. Its a habit. If I am in a bad mood i actually blame lack of Diet coke for it. Thats ridiculous.

So letting go of the diet crack is really more about letting go of something I let take over. A bad habit that occupy my thoughts when other things should be.

I also know I will need some grace on this one. habits are hard to break . And for me if I think to much  about something or "white knuckle " my way through it will never work.

So my goals are small. One day at a time. What about you ? What would you like to let go of ? Whats stopping you ?

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

pictures are funny things

 Aren't pictures funny things. They can make life look so awesome When I was uploading these pictures my hubby looked over my shoulder and said " wow, you made it look like we had an AWESOME time". I had to laugh. The truth is it was 97 degrees today. We had big hopes of enjoying the day with the kiddos at our towns annual Stagecoach days celebration. But No one was even there. The rides and games were over priced and most of all it was so stinkin hot !!

We stayed for 45 mintites !! 

And then we went to Mcdonalds and let the kids play in the air condtioning. Myka made a new friend and she named her Olivia. Her real name was Sarah. But Myka kept calling her Olivia. 

Tomorrow is Monday and I have a to do list a mile long. maybe two miles. Wedding season is crazy. I miss my family. I feel like I am behind a computer screen or a camera all the time. Thats why today was so nice. No camera but my iphone one ( kicks booty by the way) .

But I feel blessed. Blessed that I have a small business that is thriving and a husband who helps me run it. Blessed that my in laws and my mom were willing to drop everything yesterday so they could watch the kids while Will came to a wedding with me. 

I am pretty lucky. 

I am grateful. 

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