Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heres what I am thinking

I hate my left eye, for real. I went to the doctor to get contacts and he basically said no contact will ever fir my left eye correctly. That my best hope was to see "good enough".


i almost cried. But then I felt silly. I m lucky because my new glasses fit awesome and make me see 20/20. And I have contacts as a back up. I am lucky.

And If we were really meeting for coffee I would suggest you stay away from this. The peppermint Mocha at Mcdonalds is mcgross.

speaking of gross.....

School lunches are gross. I had a Thanksgiving style lunch with Ash last week and I kid you not I watched a lunch lady reach into the trash and take a whole ( untouched) piece of pumpkin pie and hand it to a kid to eat. Now I am all for not wasting, but really !?

Gross !!
Thanksgiving was awesome. Lots of family, food and much to be thankful for. 

Myka and David are two Weeks apart. And only kinda related. No blood relation anyways. he sang to her and it was adorable.
*sigh* her first love song.

I had two photo shoots last weekend. I am having so much fun with these family shoots. It is a nice break from weddings. My last wedding of the year is on Sunday Its bitter sweet. I need a break. But I do love my job.

Whats on your mind ?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ten things happening right now

1.my little girl Myka is on day four of coughing and a high fever. I hate, hate, hate when my kiddos get sick. My worry and anxiety gets out of control.

2. It's cold here in AZ as of late and I love it. But it did make me realize my children are In need of new winter clothes. And so am I. This would work

3. I am off to shoot a wedding today. The season is winding down. I have learned so much about myself and my art this past few months. What I like and what I don't like. My style of art and why I love what I do.

4. Lexi is at a friends house this morning. She had a sleepover last night. The house is strangely quiet with just four kids. It hit me last night that as she gets older she will be home less and less. It's sad but exciting. She is growing up and I am so grateful to be her mom and get to watch her story unfold.

5. Christmas! Need I say more. I Am so trying to be organized and together this year. I feel like every year I am running around like a crazy person at the last minute. And I am famous for wrapping presents in the garage Christmas eve at midnight. Not this year! I am vowing to have it all done by Christmas break ! And now that I have confessed it to Internet land it must happen.

6.It's Monday now.

7. I am off to get a new pair of glasses this morning. I want super thick black frames .

8. I never thought I would want that

9. I need new jeans. And I still have baby weight. Lol from my eleven year old!!

10. This post took me a week to write!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy hump day

Its almost midnight. The bay and Will are asleep in my bed and Myka is on the floor somewhere in a pile of blankets. And the house is quiet. I love this time of night. I love knowing that four little babes are tucked in and sleeping soundly. That everyone I love the most in this world is all under the same roof.

I am kicking some photoshop booty so I gave myself the night off. I have been catching up on my favorite blogs and pinterest. I may even take a late  night shower before bed.

I have an eye appointment in the morning. I NEED new glasses. I think all the staring at the computer screen editing is making me go blind.

maybe I am just getting old.

Halloween came and went. As evidenced by the horrific candy induced melt downs we had at the M house this afternoon. I HATE the day after Halloween.

no one got any sleep
no one has had a real meal in two days
and everyone is on a sugar rush !!


I kind of slacked on the pictures this year. The older girls were zombies and the little two were pumpkins.
Mykas costume was kinda lame. But she loved it and thats all that counts.
We went to the little festival here in town put on by the church. It was so great. I know how much effort something like that takes. What a great ministry. Even though its kinda of funny they give you free popcorn and cotton candy and then charge for water ! ? Whats up with that ??

we did see some funny stuff though

Then home for some trick or treating

and today at the store I saw this

and so it begins.....