Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heres what I am thinking

I hate my left eye, for real. I went to the doctor to get contacts and he basically said no contact will ever fir my left eye correctly. That my best hope was to see "good enough".


i almost cried. But then I felt silly. I m lucky because my new glasses fit awesome and make me see 20/20. And I have contacts as a back up. I am lucky.

And If we were really meeting for coffee I would suggest you stay away from this. The peppermint Mocha at Mcdonalds is mcgross.

speaking of gross.....

School lunches are gross. I had a Thanksgiving style lunch with Ash last week and I kid you not I watched a lunch lady reach into the trash and take a whole ( untouched) piece of pumpkin pie and hand it to a kid to eat. Now I am all for not wasting, but really !?

Gross !!
Thanksgiving was awesome. Lots of family, food and much to be thankful for. 

Myka and David are two Weeks apart. And only kinda related. No blood relation anyways. he sang to her and it was adorable.
*sigh* her first love song.

I had two photo shoots last weekend. I am having so much fun with these family shoots. It is a nice break from weddings. My last wedding of the year is on Sunday Its bitter sweet. I need a break. But I do love my job.

Whats on your mind ?

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  1. that is disgusting, which makes me kinda happy that my boy only takes cold lunch ; ) well i bet you will be happy from a break...enjoy the time off until spring! and i thought the same thing about the mcdonalds peppermint mocha, i will stick with starbucks or homemade i think. thanks for coffee!

  2. oh my -- trash-digging for lunch!? i'm sure the pumpkin pie was as disgusting as your McMocha : ) i am always with Starbucks for that treat. i enjoy your blog, and i especially love that fall pic of the tree! have a good week!

  3. oh my! pie out of the trash! macd coffee - any variety *yuck* lovely huggy pics though :) thanks for coffee x


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