Sunday, August 28, 2011

A sweet Sunday

My best friend Megan was sweet enough to take my older two girlies to a baseball game today. So when Will said he was leaving to take them over to her house this morning, I rolled out of bed, threw my hair up in a ponytail , and put on the first pair of shorts and a shirt I could find and said I wanted to come with him. We were in a hurry so Myka ended up wearing a pair of polka dot shorts two sizes to small and a flower tank top one size to small. I grabbed the diaper bad, put the baby in his carseat and we headed out the door.

After we dropped the big girls off Will hinted he wanted to go to the mall. Horrified, I told him in no uncertain terms I would NOT be seen in public in my current state of rolled-out-bedness. He was disappointed because he wanted to get out of the house today. I shot a wedding yesterday and my honey now has a new respect for me as a housewife during the week. And understands why a trip to the local grocery store is a big deal for me some days.

So even though i vetoed the mall I was convinced into IKEA! i cant say no to cheap , swiss, home organization. I still can not believe we walked around that store looking like we did. But I am soooo excited for the play room I am putting together. I will post pics when it is done but here is the start of the wall decor .

Nothing better for your walls then a cheap IKEA frame and a child's view of your family.

I mean look how SKINNY she made me !!

a last minute weekend trip to IKEA that sparks major creative inspiration is lovely !

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

InstaFriday !

i am oh so impressed with myself for writing this post the night before Friday !! I guess we call that Thursday ! Right now my hand is kind of crampy from writing out 13 birthday party invites for Ashlynns party next weekend. One more party and then the birthday madness is over. Ash is the only party this year. Unless its a big birthday ( 5, 10, 13 etc... ) The kids have to take turns on who gets the party. This year its Ashlynns turn. We are having a swimming party at the pool in the community we live in. Should be full of awesome. She is so excited.
Time for my Friday phone dump.

  1. I really HATE posting pics of myself. And I want to get over it.
  2. Passion fruit ice tea made with lemonade. My new favorite summer drink
  3. Not going to lie, Arizona has some awesome sunsets
  4. *sigh* Can i swaddle him forever ? 
  5. Look at the smile on Mykas face. She is so happy to be with her big sister. Those two have such a great bond.
  6. corn time ! We had this with hamburger helper because I am super fancy like that.
  7. This kid looks just like me when I was her age. Its scary !
  8. My little smarty pants !
  9. no comment. just an addiction.
  10. Love little toes
  11. Ashlynn and Isaiah. She is so involved with him. She was 5 when i had Myka so they act more like siblings. But with Isaiah she is almost eight and takes on more of a mom role.
  12. home made play dough is the BOMB !
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ps can anyone tell me why i cant get a button to work  I copy and paste but it just shows code ?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coffee Wednesday

Hello :)
Happy Wednesday !!
This morning I was supposed to take Isaiah to his one month check up. 
Now remember we live in the sticks ! (not really)
Just really far from where we used to live/will provably live again.
So taking the lil guy to the doc involves me getting up and actually getting dressed and driving my man into work. ( it also means Starbucks for mama).
So there we were, well on our way when my phone rings. and I realize I took the car keys with me on accident this morning. The set of keys to the only other mode of transportation my mom has to get to work.
Epic fail on my part.
I had to take my hubs to work ,cancel the drs appt and drive all the way home to deliver the keys.

Oh well.
It did leave me with one glorious hour alone at home with the baby while we waited to pick up Myka from preschool. I nursed and watched TV. I watched this show.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.It made me wonder why i run around so much when Myka is in preschool. I should stay home a bask in the sweetness that is one child. 
Soon enough though free time will be gone because ITS WEDDING SEASON !! 
I am excited ! 
And nervous.
mostly excited.

I am linking up to coffee Tuesday. 
Even though its Wednesday. 
I am a bad booty rebel that way.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One month

One month (well yesterday)
Routines have started.
Mommy gets a decent amount if sleep (most nights)
Daddy is already teaching you about football.
Your sisters are still mesmerized my you.
You are amazing little man!
A few of my favorite pics via instagram

Friday, August 19, 2011


 Tonight I closed my  eyes and pretended like it was raining. I can't get the idea of fall out of my head. Its August in Arizona for Pete's sake. We have a t least another month of extreme heat warnings ahead of us. But all day today I wanted a thunder storm, and the smell of crisp air and leaves burning.

The dishwasher repair man was supposed to come today. I totally spaced it. I was thinking about it all week too. I hate when that happens. Of course I wasn't by my phone when they called to confirm my time slot. So of course I lost it. Blah. that's what happens when you are up with a new baby who is going through a growth spurt all night. You forget things.

Mom brain is a real thing folks.

My sweet little man is four weeks old today !!

Phone Friday

1 A third birthday for Miss Myka
2. there was enough cloud cover on Tuesday that we could go splash around for a bit.
3.More birthday fun
4. I cant believe my littlest girl is three !
5. That mouse again
6. my sweet little guy !


i have been LOVING a few different apps as of late for pics on my ipad. ( i use my ipad for all my cell pics, dont judge) my fav so far is snapseed. very cool. love the drama effect. that's how I got the one of Myka in the splash pad.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Hump day

You know whats annoying. When you type an entire post and then Blogger deletes it for no good reason !!

ugh, anyhow. Today was fantastic. The clouds were out so the sun was hidden away enough that we were able to play outside for an hour  at the splash pad. it felt so good to be outside and breathing in the fresh air. Isaiah is almost a month old and this is the longest he has been in the sunshine. That's what happens when you are born in the summer in Arizona.
I love my little guy. he is honestly the easiest baby I have ever had. maybe because he is the fourth ?? All I know is he is I want to eat his face off cute.

In other news, Myka turned three. My little sass mouthin, tenny boppin, getting big to fast little girl is three. We kept the celebrations low key this year. The family piled in the mini van and headed to Chuck E. Cheeses. I love three, I love that when they sang happy birthday to the paying birthday parties , Myka was convinced they were all singing to her. I was a forgetful mom and only had my ipad with me to snap some pics.

One more birthday to go. man, August is busy. Ashlynn hates having the last birthday of the bunch. I always try to convince her that she is actually first but it never works.

The littlest Mitchell kids. I love this pic. I think its very reflective of little personalities.

I always wanted a sibling growing up. All I ever got was a hamster. I know my kids say they want to be only children. But I think deep down inside somewhere, they are all best buds.

and some more sweetness before bed.

Goodnight !

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear husband

dear husband,

I know I am pre occupied with the baby right now. and your nights I have been lonely. And I am sorry for that. But when I opened your lap top this morning to answer an e mail, I was shocked and horrified at what I saw.

is this really what our marriage has come to?

Me upstairs nursing our baby and you down here watching this......smut?

hillbilly handfishin!? REALLY?

And I thought I knew you.........

Friday, August 12, 2011

Insta Friday

It's raining outside right now.
I love that.
I put everything on hold this morning
Dishes.... Wash.... Sweeping.
It can wait . I am sitting outside with my girl listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof.

I am going to see the Help later this morning. All by myself , just me, an ice cold diet coke, and a chick flick. Sounds like a great morning to me.

The rain is stopping and the heat is rising. Our week in pictures
1. Random snaps from last weekend. Hubby made cookies. They are sooooo good. Makes lossing baby weight hard!! I met with two wedding clients at Starbucks all by myself! The me time was awesome. last weekend I was starting to feel like myself again. That feels awesome.

2. School is back in session. I know I am supposed to say I was sad to see em go. But not really. They are so stinking bored here at home. And with the new baby the less chaos in my life the better. They loved school this week.

3. Just having a toddler home all day is nice. And of course a newborn. But he's pretty easy going. It means lots of play time and snack time.and long coffee breaks for mommy and a few grown up lunches along the way.

And of course my little man! 

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Friday, August 5, 2011

insta friday and slices of life

woke up this morning not wanting to open my eyes. Last night was the first night, well second night Isaiah has acted like well a newborn. He demanded milk and cuddles from me throughout the night. And well I am happy to be his mama and give him what he needs I was exhausted this morning. Will woke me up announcing he was going to work and I could have cried I was so tired. I drug myself out of bed and silently cursed the well rested people of the world. I brushed my teeth while dreaming of that glorious first sip of coffee. I got myself dressed in clothes that may or may not have matched. I didn't care. I took out the Bobby pins and rubber bands still in my hair from the previous days hairstyle out. I ran a comb through my rats nest I call hair these days and proceeded to put the same Bobby pins and rubber bands in my hair that I just took out. I scooped up as still sleeping baby and kissed his ear inhaling the sweet smell that is baby. After a quick diaper change we headed downstairs to find sweet Myka cuddled on the couch watching Dora. How I wanted to snuggle up with her and nurse the baby while Myka and I chatted about team umi zunni and the backyard agains. But today was a preschool day. I heavily considered The idea of playing hooky. Using the fact that I was sleep deprived as a excuse to not get her dressed and groomed and out the door in the next 15 min. But I did it. Because it's the new routine and it's important to keep to it as much as can. With four kids routine and me need to be on the same team. Even If I wake up feeling like a gigantic lug.

In other news we had a birthday party last night !!  Still cant believe she is 11. She sand karaoke for the first time last night at applebees with her best friend . They jammed out to Taylor Swift and rocked it ! I was so proud of her.

Lots of baby lovin going on around here. He  is so lucky to have three big sisters who love him so much .As much as I love my little helpers i am excited for Monday ! Do you remember the Staples commercial where they sing the Christmas song its the most wonderful time of the year and the parents are back to school shopping ? That always how I feel on the first day.

Its exciting !

I am linking up a few places. I am lovin all i phone Friday posts. I found at least three new apps this morning to play with :)

My week

  1. Grandma and Ashlynn
  2. Ashlynn is such a picky eater i have started giving this to her in the mornings. Just for some nutrition. 
  3. sleeping babies rock my world.
  4. Sleeping 11 year olds are nice too. 
  5. This time of year has some seriously pretty clouds.
  6. Baby brother love
  7. love this little guy
  8. Mykas first day of real preschool
  9. birthday cake and coffee for breakfast is totally ok in my book
life rearranged


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lets go to Starbucks mmmmkay.


Good gosh its hard to find time to blog. Its coffee Tuesday and I am just now finding a minute or half a one to post something. Night time coffee is fun too. Lets slip away and grab some Starbucks. I will bring my new little man with me.  I could use a break from my other kids. Lord knows I love em' but I am on the edge of summer madness here. School can not start soon enough for this Mom.

After we ordered our drinks I would sit in one of the big comfy couches at Starbucks and proceed to tell you how much I HATE summer in Arizona. How unfair it is that kids must stay cooped up in the house all day. Do you how many times this week I wanted to take a walk with the new baby. But its been over 110 almost everyday. The bright side is I know it will end . School is starting which means fall must be around the corner. Meet the teacher is this week. In fact it's on a pretty big day, Lexi's birthday !

She will be 11 ! I can't get over it.

She is such a young lady.
Such a great big sister.

She is kind. I love that about her. It's something you don't see a whole lot of in kids these days. Why is that ? I blame TV. I hate when parents let their kids watch whatever they want on TV. It gives little minds and hearts such a false impression of appropriate behavior. Girls go to school thinking its ok to act like Lindsay Lohan in Mean girls.

But I am getting distracted.

Lexi you are amazing !!

After we finished our drinks I would need to leave. It would be late and I am beyond tired. I am fall into bed and can barely stay awake long enough to nurse a baby kind of tired. But I am happy I can sleep again ! Pregnancy gives me HORRIBLE insomnia. So I actually sleep better with a newborn then I do pregnant. Go figure.Not to mention the late hours of editing I have been putting in.


Routine will come. Life will settle back into a groove. School will start. And babies will sleep through the night.

And grow up to become 11 year old rockstars .