Friday, August 12, 2011

Insta Friday

It's raining outside right now.
I love that.
I put everything on hold this morning
Dishes.... Wash.... Sweeping.
It can wait . I am sitting outside with my girl listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof.

I am going to see the Help later this morning. All by myself , just me, an ice cold diet coke, and a chick flick. Sounds like a great morning to me.

The rain is stopping and the heat is rising. Our week in pictures
1. Random snaps from last weekend. Hubby made cookies. They are sooooo good. Makes lossing baby weight hard!! I met with two wedding clients at Starbucks all by myself! The me time was awesome. last weekend I was starting to feel like myself again. That feels awesome.

2. School is back in session. I know I am supposed to say I was sad to see em go. But not really. They are so stinking bored here at home. And with the new baby the less chaos in my life the better. They loved school this week.

3. Just having a toddler home all day is nice. And of course a newborn. But he's pretty easy going. It means lots of play time and snack time.and long coffee breaks for mommy and a few grown up lunches along the way.

And of course my little man! 

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  1. School back in session already? Where do you live? That seems early!

    I LOVE the pic of the bay-bay.. Beautiful BIG eyes!

    How was The Help? I can't wait to see it.


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