Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lets go to Starbucks mmmmkay.


Good gosh its hard to find time to blog. Its coffee Tuesday and I am just now finding a minute or half a one to post something. Night time coffee is fun too. Lets slip away and grab some Starbucks. I will bring my new little man with me.  I could use a break from my other kids. Lord knows I love em' but I am on the edge of summer madness here. School can not start soon enough for this Mom.

After we ordered our drinks I would sit in one of the big comfy couches at Starbucks and proceed to tell you how much I HATE summer in Arizona. How unfair it is that kids must stay cooped up in the house all day. Do you how many times this week I wanted to take a walk with the new baby. But its been over 110 almost everyday. The bright side is I know it will end . School is starting which means fall must be around the corner. Meet the teacher is this week. In fact it's on a pretty big day, Lexi's birthday !

She will be 11 ! I can't get over it.

She is such a young lady.
Such a great big sister.

She is kind. I love that about her. It's something you don't see a whole lot of in kids these days. Why is that ? I blame TV. I hate when parents let their kids watch whatever they want on TV. It gives little minds and hearts such a false impression of appropriate behavior. Girls go to school thinking its ok to act like Lindsay Lohan in Mean girls.

But I am getting distracted.

Lexi you are amazing !!

After we finished our drinks I would need to leave. It would be late and I am beyond tired. I am fall into bed and can barely stay awake long enough to nurse a baby kind of tired. But I am happy I can sleep again ! Pregnancy gives me HORRIBLE insomnia. So I actually sleep better with a newborn then I do pregnant. Go figure.Not to mention the late hours of editing I have been putting in.


Routine will come. Life will settle back into a groove. School will start. And babies will sleep through the night.

And grow up to become 11 year old rockstars .

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  1. Lexi is lovely, and it's even better that she's KIND! I always tell my daughter, you're beautiful INSIDE and out. Then I ask her which is most important. She always says, "inside." I hope it sinks in! :0) I am with ya, too, about the TV. My kids watch their fair share of television, don't get me wrong, but I always supervise what they watch and there are many shows that are just a "NO" in our house.
    110 degrees? I grew up in weather like that...we always played outside anyway. Come to think of it, that must be why I was always bright red with a sunburn and why I have a million freckles. lol


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