Friday, July 29, 2011

insta isaiah

You could call this week the week of of Isaiah.
I do still have three other children around here somewhere. 
But the baby coon is so nice. 
You know the world that exists the first few weeks after you have a baby. 
The week where you have a terrible head cold and the first day your family leaves you alone they come home to you in a full on post postpartum melt down.
Normally its a little nicer. But in the spirit of keepin things real, this was a hard week. Hubs is sick, I am sick, Myka is sick.
I am praying my guts out that Isaiah stays healthy. Today was better. My mom stayed with me. She did laundry, and watched Myka while I napped. I am starting to feel human again and fully intend to return to the nice snugly, part if the baby coon. The part where its just you and your baby. Where you take everything in . The first smile that every one says is gas but you know better. The little grunts and groans. The blissful sound of a sleeping baby at 3 am.
Thats where You can find me. 

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  1. Gorgeous baby! I am still waiting for mine to plump up a little. I too have thee others , but for the moment I am in baby swoon over mode. Congrats on your née addition.

  2. Precious times a thousand!!!!! Cherish every moment! by the looks of it, you are! ;0)


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