Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coffee Tuesday.

<It's okay to have a cup of afternoon coffee on Tuesday, right ? I hope. because i could use some girl time. Some talking time. Today I would probably have asked you to meet me at a starbucks or another coffee house because earlier today i was  needing a break from my kids in the worst way. I have lots of thoughts swirling in my head that need somewhere to go. I am sure I would be chatting your ear off.

I would tell you that we had a super rad fourth of July and i photographed a wedding this past weekend NINE months pregnant ! I know, I am awesome !! But I am thoroughly wiped out today. I would also mention about how on Saturday night I experienced a horrible toothache in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3 am and my mouth was throbbing !! The pain was shooting up my ear. I tried a warn shower and that didn't calm me down. I used warm compressed, took Tylenol and gurgled salt water. NOTHING helped.
I finally opened my ipad and started to read my bible app. I was half awake and needed the reassurance that I was not alone.

I started thinking about suffering and pain. Why is pain always so much worse in the middle of the night ? I had the same toothache all day Sunday and barely noticed it. But Saturday night I was praying someone would hit me square in the jaw. Emotional pain is the same way. It's night time that it creeps up on us.

like always I was reassured that I was not alone. And somewhere between the Tylenol and the praying and the hot compress I was able to sleep for a few hours.

How do you deal with night time anxiety's and fears ? 


  1. oh, i sympathize with you, i recently had root canal due to a horrible tooth! : ( not fun, hope yours is better soon! unfortunately, i do not do well with night time anxieties and fear so no advice here. thanks for afternoon coffee!

  2. Hmm...it's totally true, pain always seems worse at night (or, for me at least, sometimes in the early morning). Maybe it's because we don't have a lot of other stuff going on to distract us, so we have no choice but to wallow. :) Sorry about your tooth. Hope it gets better soon and you get a good night's rest tonight!

  3. your poor bunny! i find toothache and earache to be the worst - you cannot escape the pain... hope you find some relief soon and can sleep better tonight... *hugs*

  4. hi! thanks so much for saying hi this weekend on my blog! yes, i know you from around blogland :) but wow, almost welcoming a new little baby!! that's so awesome. bless you and your growing family. but so sad about your discomfort. i think pain is worse at night - any kind - because all the distractions stop and we can suddenly feel everything again. at least it's a good time to inventory your feelings and work them out in the quiet. take care, girl.

  5. MAN!! I'm glad you were able to get back to sleep! And I see from later posts that you ended up with a root canal. Bad news... I've had one of those! OW! :0)
    When I'm feeling lonely/scared/sad in the middle of the night, I always pray and it always helps!


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