Thursday, July 14, 2011

random thoughts on Thursday

Myka is sick. We went to Urgent care last night. They checked her ears, throat , belly and bladder ( have you ever tried to make a three year old pee in a cup ? ) super not fun. Everything looks good. Just some random fever I guess. But she is down for the count. Poor baby. In a total selfish way though I am kinda grateful for the quiet. Its nice to cuddle and watch Disney all day. And these days it seems that's all I am capable of. I went to labor and delivery yesterday. I have been having painful contractions and on Tuesday night they were so bad I couldn't sleep. I thought for sure I would have made some progress. But no...... maybe its a good thing though. The hospital was so full they were delivering babies in he triage area. INSANE! They said the next step was the hall way. I do NOT want to give birth in a hall way. I feel bad feeling that way. I know what awful conditions other women give birth in. Mud rooms with no doctors or drugs. In the middle of fields. On second thought. If I have to have my baby in the hallway of a clean hospital, with a doctor and a nurse who know what they are doing. I am grateful. The nurse that checked me out was so funny. i think she had a few too many red bulls that morning. She was making jokes and singing silly songs about the whole situation. My favorite was when she was putting on her glove and she put her arm up in the air and sang out real loud "time to check your cervix". Sorry TMI.

Still just the three girlies photo credit Blue lily photography
So no baby yet. But at least things are semi calm around here. I have been editing pics from last weekends wedding I shot and catching up on my blog reading. Tonight I have two SKYPE meetings with clients. Its just the right amount of busy for me. I cant just sit and do nothing. And truth be told I am not a nester. Everytime I do a dish or hang a picture my mom starts getting excited saying I am nesting. Not true. Unless nesting counts as figuring out how to use google+. speaking of... I have been inviting people left and right. I think it will be a lot more fun the more people who are on. I am super pumped about the circle aspect and the ability to share certain things with just certain people.

I would share this mornings Grace on a Thursday post with everyone though. Read it here. And then live it. Guilt is Not from God. I wish I could communicate that to everyone.  A relationship with God is about grace, forgiveness, a life free from guilt. A life full of love from a heavenly father who wraps his arms around us and assures us things will be ok.

It ill be ok , even with sick little ones, and even if if I have a baby in a hall way :)

It's all good.


  1. Oh no - not a baby in the hallway....but that nurse is pretty funny.

  2. Oh my gosh!! Great perspective on childbirth! You are so right... birth in a hallway of a hospital is waaaaaay better than how some women have had to do it.


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