Friday, August 5, 2011

insta friday and slices of life

woke up this morning not wanting to open my eyes. Last night was the first night, well second night Isaiah has acted like well a newborn. He demanded milk and cuddles from me throughout the night. And well I am happy to be his mama and give him what he needs I was exhausted this morning. Will woke me up announcing he was going to work and I could have cried I was so tired. I drug myself out of bed and silently cursed the well rested people of the world. I brushed my teeth while dreaming of that glorious first sip of coffee. I got myself dressed in clothes that may or may not have matched. I didn't care. I took out the Bobby pins and rubber bands still in my hair from the previous days hairstyle out. I ran a comb through my rats nest I call hair these days and proceeded to put the same Bobby pins and rubber bands in my hair that I just took out. I scooped up as still sleeping baby and kissed his ear inhaling the sweet smell that is baby. After a quick diaper change we headed downstairs to find sweet Myka cuddled on the couch watching Dora. How I wanted to snuggle up with her and nurse the baby while Myka and I chatted about team umi zunni and the backyard agains. But today was a preschool day. I heavily considered The idea of playing hooky. Using the fact that I was sleep deprived as a excuse to not get her dressed and groomed and out the door in the next 15 min. But I did it. Because it's the new routine and it's important to keep to it as much as can. With four kids routine and me need to be on the same team. Even If I wake up feeling like a gigantic lug.

In other news we had a birthday party last night !!  Still cant believe she is 11. She sand karaoke for the first time last night at applebees with her best friend . They jammed out to Taylor Swift and rocked it ! I was so proud of her.

Lots of baby lovin going on around here. He  is so lucky to have three big sisters who love him so much .As much as I love my little helpers i am excited for Monday ! Do you remember the Staples commercial where they sing the Christmas song its the most wonderful time of the year and the parents are back to school shopping ? That always how I feel on the first day.

Its exciting !

I am linking up a few places. I am lovin all i phone Friday posts. I found at least three new apps this morning to play with :)

My week

  1. Grandma and Ashlynn
  2. Ashlynn is such a picky eater i have started giving this to her in the mornings. Just for some nutrition. 
  3. sleeping babies rock my world.
  4. Sleeping 11 year olds are nice too. 
  5. This time of year has some seriously pretty clouds.
  6. Baby brother love
  7. love this little guy
  8. Mykas first day of real preschool
  9. birthday cake and coffee for breakfast is totally ok in my book
life rearranged



  1. Stopping by from Insta-Friday. Your family is so beautiful! It sounds like you got your hands full, for sure. Oh and birthday cake and coffee sounds like the breakfast of champions to me.

    <3 Melissa @ knit purl baby

  2. Ok, love this! Such great photos!and Bday cake and coffee is so ok for breakfast!

  3. Man, that DOES sound exhausting! I just woke up and read that, and now I am ready to go back to bed! I feel like I lived a whole day already! Hahah. Love your iphone photos! Isn't it great! I like never pick up my DSLR now... How bad is that?! lol. Ah well, at least the iPhone takes REALLY great pictures! :) I love your plates too! How cute! Thanks so much for linking up with iPhone Photo Friday!

  4. Great pictures of the siblings!

    I have mornings like that, too! Lots of them!

    Who doesn't love Ovaltine? More Ovaltine, Please! :0)


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