Friday, August 19, 2011


 Tonight I closed my  eyes and pretended like it was raining. I can't get the idea of fall out of my head. Its August in Arizona for Pete's sake. We have a t least another month of extreme heat warnings ahead of us. But all day today I wanted a thunder storm, and the smell of crisp air and leaves burning.

The dishwasher repair man was supposed to come today. I totally spaced it. I was thinking about it all week too. I hate when that happens. Of course I wasn't by my phone when they called to confirm my time slot. So of course I lost it. Blah. that's what happens when you are up with a new baby who is going through a growth spurt all night. You forget things.

Mom brain is a real thing folks.

My sweet little man is four weeks old today !!

Phone Friday

1 A third birthday for Miss Myka
2. there was enough cloud cover on Tuesday that we could go splash around for a bit.
3.More birthday fun
4. I cant believe my littlest girl is three !
5. That mouse again
6. my sweet little guy !


i have been LOVING a few different apps as of late for pics on my ipad. ( i use my ipad for all my cell pics, dont judge) my fav so far is snapseed. very cool. love the drama effect. that's how I got the one of Myka in the splash pad.

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  1. What a beautiful baby! Looks like you have a fantastic week.


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