Thursday, August 25, 2011

InstaFriday !

i am oh so impressed with myself for writing this post the night before Friday !! I guess we call that Thursday ! Right now my hand is kind of crampy from writing out 13 birthday party invites for Ashlynns party next weekend. One more party and then the birthday madness is over. Ash is the only party this year. Unless its a big birthday ( 5, 10, 13 etc... ) The kids have to take turns on who gets the party. This year its Ashlynns turn. We are having a swimming party at the pool in the community we live in. Should be full of awesome. She is so excited.
Time for my Friday phone dump.

  1. I really HATE posting pics of myself. And I want to get over it.
  2. Passion fruit ice tea made with lemonade. My new favorite summer drink
  3. Not going to lie, Arizona has some awesome sunsets
  4. *sigh* Can i swaddle him forever ? 
  5. Look at the smile on Mykas face. She is so happy to be with her big sister. Those two have such a great bond.
  6. corn time ! We had this with hamburger helper because I am super fancy like that.
  7. This kid looks just like me when I was her age. Its scary !
  8. My little smarty pants !
  9. no comment. just an addiction.
  10. Love little toes
  11. Ashlynn and Isaiah. She is so involved with him. She was 5 when i had Myka so they act more like siblings. But with Isaiah she is almost eight and takes on more of a mom role.
  12. home made play dough is the BOMB !
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ps can anyone tell me why i cant get a button to work  I copy and paste but it just shows code ?


  1. Very cute pictures....and the swaddled baby is PRECIOUS!!

  2. We do big parties every other year. This coming year is small party year. I am glad that I am not the only one who does this. My kids try to give me a guilt trip, but it is just too much to do a big party every year.

  3. Coffee, baby toes, sunsets, aaaaaaaaaaaaand....corn. What could be better? ;0) Great photos of your week.


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