Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Hump day

You know whats annoying. When you type an entire post and then Blogger deletes it for no good reason !!

ugh, anyhow. Today was fantastic. The clouds were out so the sun was hidden away enough that we were able to play outside for an hour  at the splash pad. it felt so good to be outside and breathing in the fresh air. Isaiah is almost a month old and this is the longest he has been in the sunshine. That's what happens when you are born in the summer in Arizona.
I love my little guy. he is honestly the easiest baby I have ever had. maybe because he is the fourth ?? All I know is he is I want to eat his face off cute.

In other news, Myka turned three. My little sass mouthin, tenny boppin, getting big to fast little girl is three. We kept the celebrations low key this year. The family piled in the mini van and headed to Chuck E. Cheeses. I love three, I love that when they sang happy birthday to the paying birthday parties , Myka was convinced they were all singing to her. I was a forgetful mom and only had my ipad with me to snap some pics.

One more birthday to go. man, August is busy. Ashlynn hates having the last birthday of the bunch. I always try to convince her that she is actually first but it never works.

The littlest Mitchell kids. I love this pic. I think its very reflective of little personalities.

I always wanted a sibling growing up. All I ever got was a hamster. I know my kids say they want to be only children. But I think deep down inside somewhere, they are all best buds.

and some more sweetness before bed.

Goodnight !

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  1. These baby shots are so so sweet - so not helping my baby fever.


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