Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First day of school eve

When I was kid school started in September. Here in the fiery inferno called Phoenix it starts in early August. And ya' know what? Thats fine with me. This summer has been rough. I am happy to see the kids go back. I have some emotion, sure. Lexi is in her last year of elementary school! But for the most part I am sending them out the door in newish clothes, with a high five and a lunch money check.
My dudes.

I am parying that this is the best year yet for my girls. That life long quality friends are made and that they both work hard and play hard. 6th grade was my favorite year ever in school. I am hoping it will be the same for my girl. Myka is a little left out. But at least she has pre -school to keep her busy.
So heres to first days and freshly sharpened number two pencils! To magical school years, and hope that they will like the teachers. When do your kids go back to school ?

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