Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So its Tuesday

Its 6:30 am. I need to go make my coffee still. Its another day of record breaking heat in the valley. meh.... So If we were really meeting for coffee I would talk about the fact that my youngest little girl is getting ready to turn four. She is such a little pistol. Her spunk and zest for life keep me on my toes every day. I think we are keeping the day low key. Cake, ice cream and presents with grandma and grandpa at Mcdonalds. Thats what I love about four year olds. They are easy peasy to make happy.

Lexi brought home a cello yesterday! She is so gutsy. i always wanted to play the cello but never had the guts to go for it. So in all honesty if we were meeting for coffee I would spill my guts to you Lexi. About how hard 12 has been so far. I know pre teens are hard to deal with. Its not like I am expecting her personalty to be sparkles and rainbows all the time. I know she will argue about chores, homework, phone rules. BUT I never thought the arguments would go so far. Or that her words could be so hurtful. That a single conversation with her could leave me questioning every decision I have ever made in parenting her. I'm lost and frustrated. Every day feels like an emotional battle field. The end of the day is leaving me drained and defeated. This is a season God is allowing us to walk through right now. I know he will walk with me. This too shall pass. But this is one of those seasons that I cant wait to be over. I dont want to be here. I want God to skip over this part of refining me. But thank God that God is control of me and my life and Lexis. He is trying to do a work in both if us. But I am totally ok with learning this lesson as fast as possible so life can resume.

Random fact: The dictionary just added the word f- bomb and sexting. They are official now!

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