Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today was fantastic.
we made it to church on time and no one cried about going.
We had Mexican food for lunch and I swear I actually enjoyed myself.
Dining out with kids that rarely happens.
I came home and got some work done.
Will decided to speak my love language and of all the laundry.
So hot!
After I worked some I made myself sit and watch a movie with my girls.
No iPad, no laptop, no phone.
Just us and Netflix.
I even let them pick the movie.
Home alone 3.
it was pretty cute.
I would like to tell you that I stayed awake through the thing.
But that would be a lie. I can't stay awake these days.
Unless it's night time. Then I can't fall asleep.
Hopefully tonight will bring rest.
I am off to watch a few episodes of 30 rock and then hopefully sleep will follow.
Good night.

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