Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Virtual coffee


Happy Tuesday! It is very early on Tuesday for me. As in 12:05 am as i type this. I am awake because I need my ipad to charge enough so I can watch Roseanne on Netflix without waking up my poor husband.

Yup, I said it.
Roseanne on Netflix.

I am already dreaming about that first cup of coffee in the morning and sitting down and catching up on all my favorite blogs. If we were really meeting for coffee I would probably also throw in the fact  that I am having contractions tonight. In fact they may be strong enough that if I lived closer to the hospital I may go in and get checked. But I live far from the hospital. And my husband has very little time to take off work. SO I would hate for him to be tired in the morning. And I have a photo shoot in the morning.

These are all the reasons that I can not afford a false labor scare tonight. So I will take a hot bath, drink some water, watch Roseanne and hope things calm down. If not....

I guess I will be blogging from the hospital !!

So If you really met me for coffee this morning I would have big puffy eyes from not sleeping and have a camera in my hand for my early morning photo session.

But I will still be nice, I promise !

My coffee this morning iced and to go !

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  1. Wow, crazy time! If it's not the real thing, I hope it passes quickly. If it is the real thing...GOOD LUCK! (And I still hope it passes quickly!) :)


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