Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am having quite a morning in blog land

I love, love, love this strange world called blog land. I have been so blessed by reading other women's blogs this morning. I will admit , I do carve out time each day ( or try to) to read my favorite blogs. But rarely do I get to sit for a long period of time and just relax and read.

But lucky for me. Myka woke up super cranky this am.
So I did not feel guilty putting her back to bed at 9:00 !!
She went right to sleep and I made dinner.
Pork chops in the slow cooker.

That reminds me I need to tell you all about ez mealz.

But that is for another post.

I have been sitting here , sipping on my coffee reading this blog .

Oh how I love Wendy and Tyler from blue lily.
The colors in their pictures make me die a little each time I see them. And the tones they use. that look of the picture being warm toned yet cool at the same time. I just get lost in each one of their pics.

Then I was reading this one. I love Clover lane. My awesome friend Tess turned me on to this one. I like it because it gives me something ti aspire too. Sometimes her posts are the reminders I need to appreciate this job of mothering and see it for the awesome responsibility it is.

And lately I have needed that reminder.

Mornings have been rough.
bed time has been Hell.
And I have been slightly depressed.

Nothing awful. Just the mommy blues.

So this morning when I read this I felt better.

What a inspiring story.

AND tonight at my super cool MOPS meeting THIS awesome blogger mommy is coming to speak !!

So exciting !!

Happy hump day !


  1. Tonight my friend !! part two is coming !!!

  2. Yes, it's crazy how easily you can be swept up into another person's life... er, I mean blog :o) This weekend I went back to the beginning of Clover Lane, and can you believe it, Patrick was a baby!

    I look forward to the moments in they day when I can catch up with my favorite families!

    Sorry you've got the blues. I've got them too. I've also got a whole lotta naughty hanging out here as well!


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