Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A " Mini" Thanksgiving

nov 16th

We made a mini Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was just me and the girls.
Will had to work late.
He works so hard for us.
He is the biggest thing I am thankful for.
We are doing the whole big family Thanksgiving thing this year.
My awesome family is another thing I am thankful for.
But i wanted a chance to talk with my girls when it was just us about being thankful.
I didn't do anything super fancy. Just a frozen turkey loaf. And some mashed potatoes and stuffing. And some veggies.
The biggest treat was the fancy apple juice.
Lexi calls it kid wine.
Lexi was thankful for her family, freedom, and electricity.
Ashlynn was thankful for the same things as her sister , plus our cat Sasha.
Myka was thankful for Ponyo.
Ponyo is a whole other post.
We turned on some Christmas music and I can honestly say we had a good meal.
It was only about 15 min of relaxation before the fighting started again.
But i think the girls will remember it as being much longer.


  1. Adorable! That's a great idea. I imagine it was a glorious 15 minutes. :)

  2. I pretty much love your kids. AND in their defense, don't all family holidays really only have 15 good minutes at the time? Lol. I know ours do!


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