Tuesday, July 17, 2012

life lately and coffee

Good afternoon! Just popping in to link up with Amy for coffee Tuesday. Myka is at preschool and Lexi is babysitting for a friend of mine. Lexi is babysitting!! So huge! She is almost 12 and she is honestly pretty awesome. Hormones are no joke at this age, but there are also a lot of wonderful things about kids growing up.
It's been raining and cooler here this past week. I love it!! Every afternoon I turn my eyes to the sky and scan for clouds. Monsoon season is crazy like that. The sky will be a perfect shade of blue and the BAM dark skies and pouring rain. The bummer part about a monsoon is it only lasts about 15 min or so. But we had a system move through this past week that left us with rain for days. In fact, last Saturday I was shooting a wedding in Sedona, Arizona and it rained for hours and hours. This was probably the one circumstance where I was very ungrateful for rain, but when I am home, tucked in with my sweet family, its probably my favorite thing ever.

My two middle girls have been very sweet lately. Having my oldest girl become a preteen has really made me appreciate the sweetness of little girls. I love how obsessed they are with Monster high dolls lately. They will do unthinkable amounts of chores to earn money for dolls. Ashlynn has always been a huge doll fan. Thats why when I got an e mail earlier this week from mom select that i was chosen to host a party for Hearts for hearts girls dolls. It will be right around Ashlynn's ninth birthday. What a fun idea for a party!! I will post all about it.

what Sedona looks like without buckets of rain!

Happy Tuesday! Link up with Amy here!!


  1. We just got back from our vacation in Tucson and I have to say that I loved seeing the monsoons coming off from the mountain. I seriously took a dozen or so pictures. And I can't imagine having it rain for hours during a shoot. No bueno! Love your blog. I can't wait to see more.


    1. It is one of the few perks of an Arizona summer. one of the very few lol.......


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