Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My baby is one. One year ago today I was holding the sweetest little baby in my arms. My hand was sore and swollen from a poorly placed IV and I was beyond exhausted. But I was happy, oh so happy, Happy to not be pregnant, happy to finally be able to say I had a son.

His big party is on Sunday. We gave him a cupcake yesterday so he could have sweets on his actual birthday. He choked on it. Then he pooped all over.

Good times.

I need pictures. maybe I will get some done this week. We will see. I am super excited for his party. My sweet friend Katie from sweet Rose studios made some adorable printables for Isaiah. I can't believe this is the last first birthday I will ever be planning.

This pic is from Friday. Isaiah had a tear duct issue we needed to clear up. The waiting room had this little car and man did he love that thing. The surgery went great, Still waiting to see if it cleared it up. Sometimes I look at his eye and think it worked and other times it still seems goopy.

But he is still the cutest one year old I know!

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