Friday, March 9, 2012

If you used Picnik

Let me start by saying this. I may get back lash, you may not agree but this is just how it is. If you are a professional photographer and you are getting paid to take peoples photos DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use picnik or any other "free" editing software. When you charge people for a service its because you have a skill that they do not. That includes technology and know how. Editing your professional pictures in picnik is about as professional as showing up to your shoot with your camera phone.


That being said I was kinda really happy when I heard Picnik was going away. But then I remembered my pre fancy camera and photoshop days and how much fun I had using free tools like picnik to give my pictures some extra pop.

So I am excited to blog about Pic Monkey. I heard about them from Julies blog and I had to go check it out. I must say, I like it. Super intuitive and super fun. Definitely an adequate replacement picnik.

You can tweak the exposure and contrast in your photos. Add text and shapes. They even have cute little speech bubbles. You can round the corners and add cool filters kind of like on Instagram.

When you are done just click save.

 Since it was Insta Friday I decided to add some text to my Instagram pictures from this week.

  blah..I am sick. I got the Strep throat almost all of my kids have had.

A rare moment that he is not screaming when she comes near him.

 Dude, how cool were my mom and Dad?

Such a sweet moment from todays bike ride.

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  1. I don't think I actually ever used Picnik! I wonder if I was the only person in the!

  2. I will have to check out Pic Monkey! Sorry you're sick..strep went around here too.


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