Tuesday, March 27, 2012

when I know that I know, that I know...

Happy Tuesday, first I want to share four awesome things from yesterday.

1- I have a great moms group. Good frinds are the best they will hold your baby while you take crazy pictures of tons of kids at a fire station.

2- little boys are awesome. Even as a baby boy he thought the firestation was rad.

3-ok, little girls are awwesome too. She loves her new hat.

4- We ended our friend tome with a trip to the park. Such a great morning and afternoon with my mom friends.

I am thinking about prayer this morning. I have been learning a lot about faith and prayer this past few months.

Most of the time my prayer life consists of little snippets of my day. I may wake up and think a prayer in my head while I brush my teeth. It may be something small like please let their be coffee, or something bigger like please Let Lexi make a new friend today.

As the day progresses the snippets get fewer and further in between until I am left at the end of the day feeling exhausted. But I do it. I go down my list of prayer requests. Bless this person, Heal this person. But sometimes I approach it like paperwork. Filing away the woes of others and checking them off my list.

And praying for myself... well thats at the bottom of the list somedays.

This needs to change. I need God to rock my prayer life. I heard at faithworks tonight that we can change the course of History with our prayers. God wants us to come before him and lay it all down at his throne. He wants us to pray the big prayers and pray specific prayers. I am the master at just saying " God bless so and so". But God wants us to lay it out. To get into the nitty gritty. " Dear God, Sally needs a job that allows her to be home by 3 so she can pick up her kids tommy and Grace from school. A job that pays her 50,000 a year that is close to home...."

I have started praying like this and let me tell you it works. It's making me a better listener.Just telling someone I will pray for you is no longer enough. Now I need the details of your situation. And I need to share the details of mine.

This is from my workbook I use for class and I wanted to share " A missile can be guided with absolute precision to a tiny target, in the same way our prayers must be locked onto specific coordinates. If you are praying for God to bless you be specific."

I am going to start making a list of things and people I am praying for. I want to bring everything that burdens my heart. Everything I am thankful for and rejoicing in to the throne of the Most high. I am going to get specif and be bold.. Stepping out in Faith that God has GOOD things for me and wants me to ask for them and know that he will heap blessing on to me. Not in a genie in the lamp kind of way. But in a way that a father loves and cares for his children. A loving father will not let his children go with out. God has already given me the desires of my heart, Now its my job to pray in faith and step out to receive them.

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  1. This is beautiful. Just what I needed to hear. I, too, need to be more specific and intentional in my prayers. Thank you for this!


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