Wednesday, March 14, 2012

worn out by 9 a.m

I swear some mornings I am worn out by 9 a.m. This morning for example I pulled in my drive way after dropping Lexi and Ashlynn off at school and I could have cried I was so over whelmed with the day ahead of me.

Thats when I realized I probably was still feeling sick from the evil little strep throat germs that had invaded my body over the past week. SO I played hooky from bible study ( sorry girls) and relaxed with Myka and Isaiah on the couch for a few hours.
He's a really good cuddler

 I may have watched this. Are you watching this show. It's good. Real good. Plain old fashioned good story telling.

After our cuddle fest I felt a little better. So we ventured to the great land of Wal-Mart. I started using this website to plan our meals and I LOVE IT!! So easy. And for me to do anything it has to be easy. My only complaint is I wish they had a app. But I just e mailed myself my grocery list and used my phone to shop. It's only eight dollars a month and a certain part of each months proceed go to help children in need.

WIN WIN people !
She loves this fake spider. Isaiah hates it. Screams when she walks by him with it.

Myka was so good at the store. I love that. It's so nice to get adoring stares from older ladies as opposed to sympathetic stares from women who have "been there" and laugh sarcastically as they walk by you.

That was Wednesday. Bring it Thursday and HELLO Friday ! 

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