Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HO hum Tuesday

It's HOT! I guess I do live in the valley of the sun. When the wind blows on days like today yo get what I refer to as "the blowdryer effect". Thats right folks, living in Phoenix is like living in a blow dryer. I will do my best to not whine my way through another summer but no promises.

Summer is here! if the 106 temps didnt convince me then the fact that school is letting out next week would. Now I have the impossible task of keeping kids busy all summer with out the ability to go outside! Any ideas? Please leave condolences in the comments :P

In other news I was a rad mom this morning and stopped for doughnuts on the way to school.
 It made thier morning! I dropped off two happy girls at school. Not getting the car door slammed in my face is always a win. I think I will miss the drive to school in the morning. After I drop the girls off and Myka at preschool I turn on spotify and get lost in my thoughts. I think about how pretty the desert is. And I wonder why i just cant be content here.I just want to wake up one morning a love it here. I mean who wouldn't love 70 degrees in January. Maybe God is STILL trying to get me to bloom where I am planted. I think this will be a long one.

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