Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday links

Fun stuff to do this summer

Bubble stamping with Myka
wind chimes with Lexi and Ashlynn
Braided head bands with all the girls
Make your own magnetic paper dolls for Ashlynn and Myka ( doing this STAT)
A crown for Isaiah
Create with my girls every day

Lexi taught me how to do beachy waves

Today was great. Work deadlines are met and that makes me want to dance a happy jig. We spent the day in the pool at Wills aunt house. Will swam with Myka and I hung out with the baby in the shade. Occasionally we went in the water for just a moment to cool down. Aunt Tami lives in the cool part of town. Its an older part of Phoenix and the houses all of unique shapes and personalities. No cookie cutters. i like that. I sat in the shade of the Ramada with my baby listening to the happy giggles of my girl and all was right with the world.

Tomorrow is the first day of swimming lessons. Lexi wants to be on swim team in the worst way. She is close being ready. I am excited to watch her tomorrow, even if it is in the 110 degree weather.

Random thing of the day. I pulled up the yahoo weather on my iphone and it said New York was 17 degrees today. I reloaded it and it said the same thing. But then i googled it and it was 69. Go figure.

Happy Sunday

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