Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coffee Tuesday: A look back at Monday.

 The Instagram version ofone of my favorite pictures from last Saturdays wedding.

There are a few things I want to remember from yesterday.  Myka jumping up from my lap this morning shouting mama, Jake and the Neverland pirates are on,l I have to dance ! taking the kids to the park to play for the first time in close to four months ! Isaiah has NEVER sat outside for that long in his whole entire life. That blows my mind. He was so happy and so content the whole time we were there. I wished we could have played until dark but it is a school night.

I found this meal planner while surfing my twitter feed this morning. Print it out and stick it in a plastic page protector. BRILLIANT !! MAYBE I will have time to fill one out tomorrow. And maybe i will have time for a grocery shopping trip. I'll let you know.

I talked on the phone with a good friend today. She helped me with one really BIG problem in my life and a whole lot of little ones. I love friends like that. Friends that seem to posses a wisdom I don't have yet.

As i was driving home from picking up Myka at preschool i saw a rainbow. It was green yellow and pinkish. very pretty. I didn't have a single way to take a picture of it. So I made a mental picture. Rainbows are a beautiful reminder of all the promises God has for us.

I have lots of work to do today. Lots of editing and blogging over at my other blog. I think I will light an apple pie candle and pretend its chilly outside. This time of year makes me long for the coziness of the midwest . the apple picking, the leaves changing, the slight chill in the air. Seasons bring a rhythm and a normalcy to life that i dont think people have in a climate like Arizona.

But today i am not going to dwell on it. i am going to stay busy and enjoy the SNOT out of the ridiculously blessed life God has given me in the desert.

Oh , and I definitely have some books to buy for my Kindle thanks to this girl and her book reviews !

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  1. Thanks!! I am going to print out that great meal planner! I really need to get on that :D Fall in the midwest is great, but don't forget about the LONG winters!!!! :D Have a great Tuesday.

  2. i need a new good book to read so i need to go check out shannan's list now. hooray for more time outside and rainbows, i love seeing rainbows! have a great weekend, sorry i am a bit late for coffee!


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