Friday, September 9, 2011

Hullo Friday

Its nice to see you !
This week was great. First MOPS meting of the year. Thanks to my awesome friend Shilo who started one way out here in the sticks,
Lots of picture taking and people in love. two of my favorite things.
and tonight it is raining.
Just a little, but I hope it is enough too usher in the fall . 
I know I won't be apple picking or wearing hoodies anytime soon. 
But maybe a few days where we can at least play outside. 
Please mother nature ??

We just want to go to the park. 

  1. Fun cups for Ashlynns beach themed birthday.
  2. making biscuits
  3. Biggest baby and littlest baby
  4. Arizona has pretty skies.
  5. Lexi talked us into a hermit crab
  6. I hate hermit crabs
  7. baby magic is indeed magic
  8. Lexis awesome fashion sense.
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  1. I love MOPS!
    Great pics, love the cloud one!

  2. the cloud picture is AMAZING! love all of your pictures! thanks for linking up!


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