Monday, September 19, 2011

I will have a pumpkin spice thingy please.

Thats what I asked he bistro for the last time I was at Starbucks. i am so sophisticated sometimes I amaze myself.

hello friends. I am so happy to be meeting you all again for coffee. This last weekend was crazy and I am so feeling the need to spill my guts. Friday night was the women's conference at my church HOLLA ! The grace girls rocked the house down ! I can not put into words how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by so many other women who Love God.

To be around women who uplift each other rather then tear each other down. Who encourage me to be a better wife, mom, and daughter of the King. It's so hard to be a girl sometimes. We struggle with so many feelings of self doubt and insecurity. Rising my daughters I am really seeing the impact society has on them. My eleven year old already worries about make up and being skinny enough. I tell her she is beautiful and perfect and she smiles at me and assures me she knows. But its always in the back of my mind does she really know ??  I pray she does. That they all so. That every daughter of God knows how loved, chosen and set apart she is. No matter how dark this world gets gods people, Gods GIRLS , will rise up and SHINE light into this broken world.

And this world is oh so broken. there is so much hurt. Sometimes hearing someones story just takes my breath away. Leaves me with no words. And I am learning that sometimes its okay to not say anything. To just be a friend who listens. And a friend who is ready and waiting for your call. I am learning to be more sensitive. To appreciate the small things. you know, Like putting rag curls in Ashlynns hair tonight and the fact that lexi asked me to french braid her hair this morning before school.

Thats the good stuff.

i am oh so excited for Blog Sugar !! Will you be there ? i swear just breathing in the California air uplifts my soul in a way few things of this earth can. I can't wait to put my toes in the sand. It will be a short trip but a good one. I am anxious to see how little baby Isaiah handles his first road trip. I will let you know.

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  1. You are a classy, classy lady ordering your drink like that! lol! ;0) I'm sure they hear that sort of stuff more often than you would imagine. It's hard to remember all those fancy coffee names!!! And they change every season. How is one supposed to keep track?

    I love the pic of you and your pals at your church conference. So glad you had a wonderful time. From what you've shared, it sounds like you were really encouraged and inspired.


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