Thursday, September 1, 2011


How can it be Friday already ? How can my little baby be 6 weeks already ? How can it be wedding season already ? I have lots of questions tonight.

But the main thing on my mind is drinking. No, not that kind you silly billy. The normal kind. I have coffee and a smoothie every morning. Then water. A Diet Coke at lunch, more water . And a glass of wine and water at dinner. I have special drinks that mark each part of my day. but I have nothing for bedtime. And I am not a big fan of tea. :(

Any suggestions ?

Onto my week

best  picture EVER!

Another birthday with the mouse

Wall art by Lexi

Jeans that fit again and new shoes.

Doing what I do. 

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  1. love the jeans that fit again...every time i wear my jeans with holes in them, the little boy i nanny for is so stressed. drives hi crazy that i would wear "bad" jeans. :-) happy friday!

  2. Makes me want to snuggle with a newborn.

  3. I agree that is the best photo and what a sweet drawing.


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