Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is it friday for real ??

Like really for real ?
Oh my.
Few highlights from the week.
Lexi had her curriculum night at school and the teachers exact words were " She is one of the best fifth grade writers I have seen in a long time " Go LEXI ! Future blogger, I think so.
It's hot here. But I do suspect that the "extreme" heat is over. This week it was in the 90's !! It was glorious. We even went to the park once. of course the nice weather does mean i do need to make good on my promise to myself to walk or run every day. I'll let you know how that goes ! HA!

i did make it to the grocery store in case you were wondering. I even managed to plan some meals. that's no small feat these days. Ash is the worlds pickiest eater. I swear the kid would live off hot dogs if I let her. Tomorrow is the Women's conference at my church. i am running the photo booth and I am super excited ! I love conferences. I love praise and worship. I love laying everything heavy on my heart down at the foot of the cross.

and just letting go.

Why is that so hard to do sometimes ? I worry about so many useless things. Worry will not add one day to my life. In fact it will take away. A personal goal I have is to let go and just let God.

Let God be God. he knows what he is doing. it's not up to me.

Thank goodness.

next weekend I will be at blog Sugar HOLLA !!

time for Friday phone dump !
  1.  We did a cereal bar and it was seriously fun. I let the girls top their cereal with all sorts of stuff. Even some junk food !
  2. Pinterest is how i find motivation these days. 
  3. Sweet comic I saw on Sept 11th. 
  4. A pic of sats wedding Instagram style.
  5. Sometimes people do dumb things with smart phones.
  6. and again. Dont i look sexy ??
  7. gah ! Adorable ! i love my job !
  8. and more with the editing and job loving
  9. and back to square one !
i am linking up here !

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  1. Alot of fun pictures!!!! Thanks for letting me peek into your week!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!


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