Friday, September 30, 2011


I have so many things i am dying to write about.
Like blog Sugar and all the awesome bloggers I met there.
My kids are starting AWANA and I cant wait.
And how this small little town in the sticks of Arizona is starting to grow on me.
But for now here is my week Instagram style.

  1. Holding a sleeping baby on the beach is pure bliss. 
  2. How cool does my little California girl look ?
  3. thats how we know we are almost to Cali.
  5. From the swag bag
  6. pretty blog sugar tables
  7. more baby beach bliss
  8. Guess where we ate ?
  9. She was so tired.
  10. Cute baby boy
  11. Myka surfing
  12. Myka and Grammy talkin on the beach
  13. more chatting
  14. Lexi taking it all in
  15. so big !
  16. more surfing !

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  1. My daughter loves Awana, too. And mmmmmmm, those Fresh Potatoes look yummy!


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