Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random thoughts about today .......

My internet was down for about three hours this morning.

Not cool.

That's like taking away my oxygen.


Miss Lexi got her own room today. She needs her own space. Shes like a real big kid now. I am noticing that Ash and Myka are playing together more and more. Lexi is wanting to spend more time with her friends.
And by herself...writing....... singing songs ... making up dance routines. I remember what it was like to be ten.
Ten was when I started listening to the radio, This was my favorite song.



I am worried about my grandma. I cant go into details. If I could ask you all to pray for her. Well , that would be wonderful.
Oh, and if i ever have a house with a swimming pool. I want one like this



  1. When I clicked on the link for the song you loved listening to I was thinking Alanis Morrisette! Both our picks knew how to ROCK! And made me feel like I could do anything!

  2. I clicked on the song link and it just brought a big smile to my face... I remember singing that song over and over in the car on rides with my mom (good memories). Thank you!!

    My prayers are with your grandmother and your family at this time!


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