Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a weekend !!

This weekend + my M.O.P.S girls = crazy fun !!
We talked about identity. How to help others find their identity in Christ.
We shared our stories.
Our goals.
Our fears.

We planned meetings !
Meetings where moms can get together and have FUN !
And learn.
And grow as mothers and daughters of the king.
we ate yummy food for dinner and candy as a midnight snack.

Drank 22 cans of soda.

Tried to be sneaky and get a free margarita but was turned down because my ID was in my wallet in our hotel room.
And we did a little of this


Don't ask I will never tell.

Now I am off to the store. I need some retail therapy. And I have to go grocery shopping.

I HATE grocery shopping.

But I do like knowing having food in my pantry so I guess it;s kind of a have to do thing.

Last week I photographed  this .

it was AMAZING.

Bring it on Monday !!

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  1. I'll do your grocery shopping for you!

    I LOVE it.

    I read all of the labels. I cut coupons. I test the oranges. I take my time...

    I'm most shoppers worst nightmare. I'm that lady that you hate to have to wait behind because I'm irritatingly cheery in the checkout line. I chat up the cashiers, and slowly dole out my coupons.

    Yeah, you'd totally hate me if you met me at the store :o) But you'd totally love me if you met me online... lol.


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