Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ten minutes

is how long AFTER the girls school started that I woke up.
How long it took me to gently wake them from sleep. ( yeah right, more like jump on them until they woke up begging me to stop)
How long it took us to find shoes that match for everyone.
002 blog
And finally it TOOK me TEN mintutes to find the darn pone to call the school and tell them they were late.
Because mommy was up to late facebooking and over slept.

Just being honest.
even the cat was judging me
004 blog
I didnt want to be up facebooking. But I just couldn't fall asleep. I wonder if it is some crazy effect of the hcg ??
Yesterday went well. I had some tummy troubles in the afternoon, but who knows what that was from ?

I made Will bring me a IN =N= OUT Burger home for dinner.( for those of you just joining us days one and two are fat loading days )

with CHESSE fries
BOTH animal style !!!!

It was awesomeness.

I could only finish about half of it.

How do people eat like that ? I know this sounds really dumb. But I don't know why i am so fat ! I mean really, I never buy cookies, cake, or anything sugary.

My kids hate me because I never allow fruit snacks into the house. We only buy chips for lunches for school.

We do eat fast food. But only on weekends. And we really like subway.

I know my habits are from from perfect.
But I don't know that they are deserving of being so heavy either.
Maybe this is all some delusion I have talked myself into. Maybe those of you who know me in real life are thinking" geez Lauren I saw how much pizza you had last weekend "

I know hcg is not a magic drop.
I know I have to change my lifestyle to make it effective in the long run.
But I really feel like I do need some kind of reset to my body.

So here we go onto day two ! My final fat loading day !
Tomorrow its all apples and chicken. ( you can have more then that, but I like the way apples and chicken sound together )

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  1. HI! I'm wandering in from Robin's blog. I love your cat photo and the comment even the cat was judging me. I'm pretty sure my dog judges me too ;). Whenever the laundry isn't done I know she looks at me with disdain. Judgemental animals!

    Good luck with your diet changes! I haven't read far enough to know what plan your following but I hope it works for you. I know how hard it is, especially in the beginning days. I'm a veteran of the Diet Wars myself, but I always seem to lose the fight. Fight on!!


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