Friday, October 1, 2010

I wish

It was chilly outside , I wish daytime was cold enough to wear long sleeves , and night time required a sweater.
I wish leaves were changing and the smell of fireplaces were in the air.

I wish it was fall.

I mean, I know TECHNICALLY it is.
But man.....
I wish it really was.
BUT... I am trying this whole new thought process that I can indeed bloom where I am planted.
Even if God has planted me in the middle of a dessert.

So I have come up with a list of what I would like to do nefore the end of November.
I like lists.
They help keep me focused.

blog list

Yup lists are good. 

the giveaway for the super cute backpack is still going on over here. Thanks again to Well of creations for the giveaway !! Seriously, I feel so special. Robin is so creative and I just LOVE her creative offerings :)

I am shooting a wedding tomorrow so look for some pretty pictures over at laurenjean.

oh, and I started the REAL hcg diet today. No more fat loading for me. Its all chicken and apples from here on in.

So far so good.
But it is only 10:00...................


  1. go Lauren go! And I ADORE your list!

  2. ooooo! good list. i want to do those things too!
    i love the idea of blooming where you are planted. i wish for a more dramatic fall too, and am always wishing for changing leaves and crisp air as my kids sweat in thier halloween need to get over it and bloooooom.


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