Monday, October 4, 2010

Once I tripped over a pool chair............

And fell on my bottom , and missed the pool behind me by like a inch.
The best part besides the fact the pool at the resort was full of strangers, was that I was shooting a wedding.


I may be a total spaz but the bride was STUNNING !!
The whole day was perfect and I love my job.
I will post the whole thing over at LaurenJean in the next few days.

For now here is a slideshow.

In other news.....

I have lost 8 pounds since Wednesday on this crazy HCG diet !!
I was super hungry my first day.
Like I went to be crying kind of hungry.
But when i woke up, I was fine.

its nuts people !!

I just hope i don't start seeing commercials with lawyers on them asking if you or someone you loved were harmed by hcg .......
comic for blogi took out my "skinny jeans " tonight.

I tried them on, and it was sad.
or comical.
perhaps a bit of both ?

moving on....

GIVEAWAYS !! The awesome giveaway from well of creations is still going on until Tuesday.
thats HERE !!

And I have a fab new giveaway i will write more about later this week !!

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