Monday, October 25, 2010

I feel chubby

I so should not be blogging right now.
I need to go buy diapers.
I have three kids who are awake.
and about 20,000 pictures to edit.

but I heard the coolest sermon on Sunday. And I wanted to share,
It was preached by a youth pastor.
I love when youth pastors speak, they always have such awesome energy. I leave feeling as hopeful about my ability to live out my faith as I was in high school.
the sermon was on Isaiah 53
read it,

Good stuff there. In one part of the sermon he quoted the famous saying " I'm just a sinner saved by grace " .

I like that saying.

Its humbling.

But the pastor gave me a new perspective on it. he said that that statement was false.

God does not see us a " Just sinners"

He sees us a righteous, holy, set apart.
he sees us as justified.

So we can approach his throne. Our fathers throne with confidence. because we are his righteous children.

Very cool.

Today i did not feel righteous.

I felt kinda chubby and cranky.

I have wanted to carve pumpkins with the girls for two days now. But the attitudes around here have really stunk lately. If ANYONE out there has ANY advice about dealing with ten year old girls I would love to hear it. My ten year old is full of sass lately.

She called her dad a Jerk !

To his face !

i am not sure I can make to the teen years.

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  1. We've heard the dreaded "jerk" in this house too. I hate it. When did they learn where to stick the knife?! AND twist it.

    I miss you. My dog died and I never followed through. How about a hairbow set of 2 giveaway instead? I'll send you a photo of the ones I'm giving away. Sound good?


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