Thursday, October 14, 2010

The time I met NieNie .

I am a full on blog stalker. The obsession started about a year ago when i started my adventure in photography. At first it was a few famous photographers my google reader. But It soon grew to include blogs from my friends, and people who i wish were my friends.

I LOVE the mom blogs. I love the honesty and the feeling that i am OK ! My kids are normal. That i am not the only one with 7 loads of laundry to do today.
Of course one of my favorites is the nienie dialogues. I started reading her blog after i saw her family pictures on one of my favorite photographers blog.

I was hooked.

her blog made me cry, and laugh. And thank God for all of blessings. It quickly has become a favorite for me and my daughter.
A few months ago I was visiting one of my favorite restaurants. cafe Rio in mesa Arizona. I was standing in line with my friend, my daughters and my husband debating between a taco or a burrito when my nine year old daughter started frantically pointing at someone in line ahead of us.

"mom, Mom. look"
I wanted to die. i could not believe mt daughter was being so rude and pointing.
"Lexi, stop that" I whispered between my clenched teeth.
" No, Mom look its her"

" the lady, the lady in the plane"

i was fully thinking my daughter was losing it when i looked the direction she was pointing.

It was her.

It was the Lady in the plane.

NieNie and Mr. Nielsen were standing right in front of me.

I looked around the restaurant fully expecting to see crowds of people coming to shake her hand. I found myself surprised that she didn't have bodyguards when she traveled.
But , no one was mobbing them. They were just there, eating , like normal people. My brain was spinning. Should I say hi ? its such a strange feeling to feel like you now someone so well that you have never met. It felt like i was looking at one of my best friends and that it would be rude if I didn't say hi. I mean I knew the names of her kids, what her house looked like., That she was tired the day before.

So I did it.

I mustered up my courage and i tapped her on the shoulder.

Then i started feeling really stupid. What am some kind of crazy Internet stalker? What is she thinks I am a psycho and threatens to call the police if I don't leaver her alone this minute. I mean how dare i.....

she turned around and looked at me.

to late now.

ok , brain work, say something. Tell her she inspires you to be a better mom, a better wife, a better person. tell her you cry when you read about how much pain she is in. that you lead a bible study inspired by her blog.

But all i could say was a hello.

I did tell her I loved her blog. i thanked her for writing it. i apologized for bugging her.

Then she smiled and she hugged me.
Not like a fake hug either. It was a full on I like you kind of hug.

Then she thanked me for reading.

for praying.

And she hugged me again.

I went back to my place in line feeling like I had just met a celebrity. And I had.
My friend asked me if she was a friend from church. i laughed and responded.
" No, she is a friend from the Internet "


  1. That's so awesome! What are the chances?! I love that she was so fabulous in person too! If I ever strike it rich I'm going to fly all my bloggy friends over to my house for a huge party! I'd LOVE to meet all these women in person!

  2. how COOL is that!!! :) I'd do the same thing! SOO glad that you had the courage to talk to her, how rewarding for both of your spirits!


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