Monday, October 11, 2010

A letter to thirty something me.

I stumbled upon This blog tonight and was inspired to write a letter to twenty something me.
Then i remembered I am still in my twenties.
Still making all those mistakes I am sure thirty something year old me will write warning me about.

But since i check my e mail every day and I have yet to see the letter from thirty something me. I have decided to write her first.

Dear thirty something Lauren,

How are the kids ? I mean REALLY ??? Are they repeating all the mistakes we made in our teen years ? Does lexi have a boyfriend ? Some boy she is convinced she is in love with. Is she in a relationship that I " Just don't understand ? ".

Speaking of kids how many do we have ?  Did Will talk us into that fourth baby ? Is it a boy named Isiah ?  Did we adopt a fifth child in our early thirties like we dreamed about ?

have i lost weight ???

Are we still insecure about every choice we make? Or does something magical happen when we hit thirty and we all of the sudden learn to stand up for our self ?

I would really like to know that. because i am kind of counting on thirty bringing some kind of wisdom to our table. Not that I feel totally incapable now , I just question myself so much. Did i over react did i under react. I am hoping age will bring some confidence.

How is Mom ? Did she meet someone ? Are they happy ? Did you give her the beautiful wedding she deserves ?

Where do we live ? California , Wisconsin, Arizona ??  Did Will go to law school like we planned ?

I know I have a lot of questions thirty something me.

Please write back

love me


  1. That is a very creative idea and I feel that maybe something of this nature can give some insight into your soul. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. what a FABULOUS idea! I need to write something to 50 something me (is that right?) xoxo


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