Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday !


have you ever had a day where you feel like if ONE more thing happens it WILL push you over the edge??

That was yesterday for me.
Lexi woke up with icky sores in her mouth.
It was gross.
I called the doc and they said bring her in.
Nice. Hubby has our ONE car at work.
I called one of my BFF's Megan . She agreed to drive us.

Ten minutes later we were playing outside. And Myka climbed up on a rock.

A BIG one.

And I swear it happened in slow motion.
I tried to catch her.
But I was to late.
She cried and cried. And had a HUGE goose egg on her head.
Right in the back.

I called the doc AGAIN.

They wanted to see her right away.

Now HUBBY had to come home. I was clearly unfit to be watching the children. They were dropping like flies.

And he did.
And we were all fine.
We have the x rays to prove it.
And the special mouthwash to make the sores go away.
And now for the random pictures because its Friday.

I made this necklace following THIS tutorial.

I liked it.
My hubby said it looked like something I made at summer camp.
hes a hater.
I think this is her new standard picture face.


unless she dumps her icee all over her face. Then she makes this face.


I love this kid.
She is growing up fast.
I like it when she is still excited about things like rocks.

She REALLY likes rocks.
Enough that she made a club about them

We may need to work on spelling :)

hcg update- 13 pounds down !!


  1. still love reading the updates about my family! I LOVE MYKA'S ICEE PICTURE!! AND I LOVE LEXI'S ROCK CLUB!
    I totally had a Earth Club! I had some similar "paper work" that went with my club.

  2. I was a club maniac when I was a kid. Mostly babysitting and witches. Totally my M.O.

    I love the photos in this post. Just because :o)


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