Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to take a picture part one

I am a photographer.
But before that, i was a mom.
A mom who loved taking pictures.

When my first daughter was a baby I was big into funsavers. I always had one on me. I loved the thrill of dropping my camera off at Walgreens and in one hour looking at pictures of my baby. Digital cameras were way beyond what my brain could handle back then.

When i look back at my pictures now though i am kicking myself. No, not because I used a funsaver. because there were so many things i could have done to make my pictures soooo much better.

In todays day and age we are sharing information with each other faster then ever. Remember sitting at your grandparents house watching a slideshow of their trip to Florida?

That would NEVER happen today. Today my grandma would just upload it to facebook. Or better yet take pictures while she was there and tweet them !!

With so much picture sharing fun going on in the world of social media I thought it would be fun to share some tips and tricks I have picked up over the past few years on how to take a Great picture.

I promise you do NOT need a fancy camera to take a decant picture,
You can take AWESOME pictures with a point and shoot camera.
And if you are still rocking the funsaver , we can work with that to.

These are tips and tricks that anyone can use to take their pictures from drab to fab in three simple steps.

Stay tuned for step one :)


  1. looking forward to this series :)

    one of my favorite photos was shot with a p&s:

    - donaville

  2. Just checked out your flickr AWESOME work !! i love that shot !!


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