Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I loved about today

Myka drinking milk from her cereal bowl ( who taught her to do this ?? )

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The result of myka drinking milk from her cereal bowl . And I want to add the only reason I liked this part was because I thought the fruit loops and milk looked like a cool picture. i was right.
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Myka watching TV while i cleaned the kitchen. I hate using the TV as a babysitter. But it is nice to have something to entertain them for 15 minutes while you make a phone call, do the dishes, write a e mail, go to the bathroom ALL BY YOURSELF !!

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And stumbling across this tutorial while I was googling ways to change my blog up  bit. I posted a full tutorial over at laurenjean. But basically i found a way to make my nifty fifty a macro lens, and took this pic.
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So what did you love about today ?? And can anyone tell me how to make the column wider so i can post bigger pictures ??

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